Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My First Week

So, I survived my first week of Invisalign!  Well, technically, I can't say that until around 5:30 pm, but most people are not as picky as I am.

Since I haven't mentioned it before, here are a few facts about Invisalign:
  • You switch trays every 2 weeks.
  • It is recommended that you wear them 22 hours a day.  Some say this is a minimum (what??) and some say it is the ideal amount, but you can go lower.  A lot of people say you should wear them 20-22 hours a week.  A few say 18 is fine.  A very select few wear them for less (not something I think I would do on purpose).
  • You are only supposed to drink water with them in (Yay for dieters who can't mindlessly snack?)
  • You are advised to brush and floss each time before re-inserting the aligners.
  • Some people have attachments that help the trays snap on and help them move your teeth certain ways.  I have 12, and I hate them for 2 hours a day.  Apparently, they're made with the material that fillings are made of and they make my teeth feel disgusting when my trays are out (good motivation to meet the 22 hour requirement!!)

So... you have 2 hours to eat 3 meals, brush and floss three times, and clean your aligners.  If you eat all three meals and don't eat any snacks, that gives you 40 minutes per meal/cleaning time.  Oh, and btw, when you drink sodas or acidic food, it is recommended you wait 30 minutes before brushing your teeth to avoid wearing down your enamel.  Yeah.... I need to give up diet cokes.  They're not going down without a fight, though...

So, how was my first week, you ask?  It went very well!  I only felt discomfort once or twice when I snapped my trays off quickly.  It only lasted for about a minute.  Like I said, I hate the attachments, but with the trays on, I don't mind them.  And I don't care if the attachments make them more noticeable, because I tell everyone about them anyway (I'm still excited).

Two things I'm not crazy about, however:
  • I'm obsessed.  And the fact that I am having some downtime at work is not helping!  I just want to sit here and read about Invisalign allll day long, even though it is starting to become annoying and insane.
  • I'm more obssessed with Carmex.  I used to love it because I had that nasty habit of biting on my lips and so I used Carmex almost constantly to try and heal the damage I inflicted on myself.  Now, I use it both for that reason and because my lips are always dry and chapped.  So ready for my mouth to get used to having the trays in so that it will go back to normal.  And, speaking of normal, I am going to get a cup of water right now to assist with that.
Random picture of water to show how serious I am about drinking some of it now.  You can't post it on the internet if it's not true...


  1. Hi Susie. Hope all is going well. Must be nearly time to move to aligner 2. The first one is the worst one. Good luck! Paul.

  2. Yes, I start the second set tonight! I wear my first three sets for 16 days each, instead of 14. I hope the first is the worst, because it was not bad at all!

  3. I just moved onto my second tray and almost every blog, article I read online everyone has mentioned that it gets better and you start to get use this life style change. My aligners still feel very, very uncomfortable. It' so uncomfortable it makes it difficult to almost function daily. They feel extremely tight, like a suction cup just sucking the life out of your teeth, is it supposed to feel this way? And does it really get better? Everything I've read online, no one seems to experience what I'm feeling, I wonder if it's just me.....

    1. My trays felt bulky and in the way when I first started wearing them. I noticed them constantly and I was completely obsessed for that exact reason. Of course, I was also obsessed because I wanted to see instant results. :) Yes, they feel weird and tight at first. My second tray actually felt a lot tighter than tray 1 so I was unusual but the concept was the same. A few trays in, you should definitely be used to it. After I stopped wearing trays, THAT felt weird, too! :)

      I HAVE seen 1 or 2 people who never fully adjusted, but I've seen dozens who adjusted after a few trays, so it's much, much more common to get used to them.

    2. I feel the same way.. I'm currently awake at 4am because my throat is so dry and sore from having the sleep with my mouth open thanks to the aligners. My tongue is all cut up, my teeth hurt and everything from talking to eating hurts art this point. I'm ready to throw in the towel. When people say it's not too bad in the first week I dont get it.
      Maybe there's something wrong with mine? I could cry.