Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tray #1

Started my first tray of Invisalign today.  It took about an hour, with waiting and everything included.  However, it felt like AGES.  When putting on the attachments, they used this awful piece of plastic to hold my mouth open, and it huuuuuurt!  A tray was used to put them on, and when the tray was taken off, it kinda felt like my teeth were going to pop out.  Then when they filed down the attachments, it felt like they were drilling into my teeth to fill cavities.  After they finished that, they used this sandpaper-type-thing to literally file down two of my teeth.........  After all of this, I had to practice taking off my first tray and I was awful at it.

Anyway, I'm tired from my dentist visit..... This was not a fun one.  Here is a picture with my trays.... wow, these glasses are crooked.... lol

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