Friday, November 2, 2012

End of Tray 2? Close Enough!

I'm almost done with my second tray of Invisalign!! :D  Yes, this means I still have 20 left, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy the small victories.  I change trays Sunday night.

So.... updates!
  • The sore spot caused by tray #1 disappeared right after I started tray 2!
  • A few days into tray two, I rubbed against the tray and had a small scratch on the side of my tongue. :(  However, it only lasted for about 2 days, and wasn't really that bad.
  • I had a slight amount of tooth pain one day, and it felt similar to a cavity.  I was a little worried, but it felt better the next day so I don't think it is a cavity... yay!
  • I have a dentist appointment on November 20, so I will see if everything looks like it's on track so far.
  • I can see some changes in my pictures!!

My natural smile.  Please ignore that my lips are chapped, haha.  I have been stressed.
All of my teeth.  Notice the difference in my top sideways tooth? :D
I think the front two teeth look slightly better.

So, nothing major, I know.  But obviously, I did not expect much after only two trays. :)  I am excited for another one!


  1. If there are rough spots on your trays you can use a nail file and file them down a little so you don't get any more sores. :)

    1. I actually considered doing this, but the problem disappeared so quickly that I never did. :)

  2. Hi, I just found your blog. I've been obsessed with reading Invisalign blogs since I am getting my trays later this month. I just had a few questions. First, did you have a lisp when you got your trays? Some people say they get one, others say they don't. Also, they inevitable noticeable are the trays? In the picture you posted of your first tray, I can barely see them! I hope that's the case in person :) Glad you seem to be having a good journey so far!!

    1. Not to hijack this blog or anything, but I have quite a few pics posted on my blog with the aligners in if you want to take a look. :)

      They're pretty unnoticeable unless someone knows that you have them and are specifically looking for them. :)

    2. Within a few hours of getting my first tray, I talked to my sister for a few minutes to see if she noticed. She noticed I was acting suspicious, but I had to tell her I had the tray in before she realized it. She also didn't notice anything different about my speech until after I told her. Even then, she could only slightly tell a difference. So, it didn't really affect it.

      ONE coworker did notice, mostly because 1) he already knew I was getting Invisalign, and 2) he had braces when he was younger, so he probably notices more than some. Everyone else seemed surprised when I told them. :D Although I'm so excited about it so I end up telling most people, haha!

      And I was obsessed prior to receiving my trays.... it is so hard not to spend every minute find more information about! :)