Saturday, November 17, 2012

Tray 4... So Close, Yet So Far Away

I am almost finished with tray 3!!  I go to the dentist on Tuesday and get trays 4-6.  I think I am also having some IPR done, but I'm not 100% positive.

Overall, everything is going really well.  I haven't had any problems, or any real pain.  One of my back teeth was a little sore for about a day, but it went away.  It wasn't even that bad, just a slight pain.

However, I have realized something over the past few days.... I hate my teeth.  Has anyone seen the episode of How I Met Your Mother where they all "discover" each other's bad traits?  Ted corrects everybody, Robin says "literally" too much, Lily eats too loudly, and Marshall sings everything.  Before they consciously realized these annoying habits, they weren't frustrated by them.  But as soon as one person brought it up, the others were soooo annoyed by these traits!  That's similar to my teeth.  Before now, I knew I didn't have the greatest teeth, but now that I stare at them ALL the time, I'm noticing sooooo many flaws with them, and I'm starting to think my teeth are hideous!  I think I will try and stop looking at them so much. :)



Ok, I'm back... I went to look at my teeth in the mirror to see if I could see progress yet... just kidding!

Oh, and I cheated today.  I cheated on my diet, I cheated with my Invisalign-wearing time, I cheated on my boyfriend... wait, that's not right.... I'd never cheat on..... oh, wait, I don't have a boyfriend.


Anyway.... just wanted to share my thoughts.  I took tray 3 photos, but I won't be posting comparisons because they look identical to tray 2 and also to the beginning photos.  So ready to see some progress!!!  I know I need to be patient, but that's easier said than done.

One fun announcement.... Thanksgiving day will mark 50 days with invisalign!

Before I end my entry, I want to say that my Tuscaloosa/Roll Tide/College Roommate friend, MaryKathryn is the best!  And her new hubby is pretty cool, too.

She wrote an entire blog entry about me, which made me look like this:

So, yay for MaryKathryn and Sam!

That is all for today! :D

Bazinga!!  Happy (early) Thanksgiving!  Now I am done!

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