Friday, November 30, 2012

Jealousy and Pain.... Yay?

On November 20, I had my first appointment since starting Invisalign!  I was so excited!!  I received trays 4-6 and had some IPR done.  By the way, if anyone who reads this doesn't know what IPR is, it is interproximal reduction.  To help with crowding, they file down between your teeth like this:
Obviously, it's not much fun.  It's not horrible by any means, but it's certainly not a fun celebration :)  But, the good news is that I think I only have IPR on one more tooth!!  Yaaaaay!  I hope they do it at the next appointment to get it over with!

So, anyway, tray 4 was really tight.  I tried to put it on in the dentist office.  I'm not sure if it was because the tray was so tight or because I was putting it on in front of other people... but I couldn't put it on!  My dentist ended up snapping it on for me.

And then, it hurt.  My first real pain from Invisalign... Apparently this may become a common theme with my treatment.... The tooth with my crown was the culprit.... and it's also the one that caused a slight bit of discomfort for a day last time.

To make it a little worse, my dentist appointment was in the morning.  AND it was right before Thanksgiving.  So, the day before Thanksgiving I didn't eat dinner, and the day of Thanksgiving I didn't eat breakfast.  I went 24 hours with my aligners in... But my plan worked.  My teeth didn't hurt when I took the aligners out for the Thanksgiving meal!!! :D

But... I've dealt with worse, and it was only for about a day.  It wasn't bad enough to keep me from getting work done or anything... And it will definitely be worth it for my results at the end of treatment!

PS, now my trays are DEFINITELY not tight!!  If I didn't have attachments, I could probably slip the tray off my back teeth with my tongue!

Ok, so I need to admit something.  I'm an awful person.  Whenever I take pictures, I don't see results.  And when I think I see results, I later realize it was just the angle of the picture or something deceiving me.  And originally, I didn't expect to see results this early, but after seeing EVERYONE ELSE talk about their results after this amount of time... I'm a little jealous. :(  So, let me ask you guys.... do you think there is a little difference, or is it just a difference in how the pictures were taken?

I'll even post a picture of me instead of just my teeth!

And by the way....


  1. I'm guessing the reason that you can't see a change yet is because the teeth in the back have to be moved to make room for the front ones. My first indication of change was not visual, but rather that flossing became easier.
    Hope this helps!
    My dentist hasn't mentioned any IPR and I'm REALLY hoping it never comes up...

    1. I've tried to convince myself of that, but looking at my ClinCheck tells me otherwise. Looks like they start moving immediately. Oh, well, I just need to get over it, I guess.

      I knew before I even started how much IPR I was having and where I was having it. I would guess that if you haven't heard anything, you probably escaped it. Especially since you are closing a gap.

    2. I wouldn't think that I would need either for that same reason...

      I still trying to determine if I can see a difference... I think I CAN definitely see a little difference, but the different camera angles maybe make it look like there's MORE movement than there has actually been?

      Do you still have your first set of trays? I know I was told I could throw them away when I was two trays past. I hold on to mine and every once in a while go back and compare. Try it if you haven't already! You should definitely see how far you've come and help you to know you haven't been wasting your time! :)

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